Buying Green

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What are Environmentally Preferable Products?

recycled-pens-190Simply put, environmentally preferable products are less harmful to human health and the environment than standard products. This comparison considers many factors, from the raw materials used to make and manufacture the product to packaging, distribution, and disposal. Products that are environmentally preferable usually contain a minimum of virgin material (raw natural resources) and a maximum of recycled material. These products are recyclable, use less water and energy to produce, last longer, have less packaging, and require fewer toxic materials to manufacture.

Why Environmentally Preferable Purchasing?

There are many reasons to implement an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPP) at your business. Since green products involve minimal toxic materials, they’re safer for you, your employees, your customers, and the environment. Green products tend be more durable and last longer, keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills and saving you the trouble (and cost) of having to frequently replace them. Simply making green purchasing choices encourages producers to incorporate more Earth-friendly practices into their production process. An EPP is good for business and good for the planet.

Creating your own EPP

Union City has adopted an EPP, which addresses recycled content, recyclability, energy and water efficiency, and toxicity involved in the production of the products purchased by the City. What can you do?

Easy First Steps:

  • Choose products made from recycled and recyclable material.
  • Choose non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products - More info at the EPA’s website
  • Choose reusable items like refillable pens and rechargeable batteries
  • Choose products known for durability and long life

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