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Transportation in Union City

BARTtrainCurrently 75% of all trips made only have one person in the car. This has a significant impact on our environment by producing smog and increasing CO2 emissions. Union City’s goal is to reduce the percentage of driver-only car trips 10% by 2020. Instead of driving alone, people who need to travel from home to work and back again can utilize one of the following options:

  • Rideshare programs
  • UC Transit bus or BART
  • Bicycle
  • Telecommute

Employers may encourage employees to try these transportation options by coordinating rideshare databases, offering reduced-rate transit passes or commuter checks, building safe bicycle storage, and allowing employees to telecommute.

Why Drive Less?

Since the transportation of goods and people generates about one third of Union City’s greenhouse gas emissions, taking advantage of alternative means of transportation and encouraging employees to do the same can have a significant impact on the community’s emissions. It can also save time and money. Driving less means spending less on gasoline, vehicle maintenance, and parking and less time in traffic. In addition, alternative travel modes can help relieve roadway congestion, reduce air pollution, and improve personal safety and fitness.

What Can You Do?

  • Use’s Trip Planner to see if trips you usually take in a car can be easily made by public transit, on bike, or on foot
  • If you commute from a different city, try taking BART a few times a week
  • Look into carpooling to work. Find a carpool or vanpool partner here

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