Water Conservation

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Water Concerns

waterconservation190Water is the most important resource to all life on the planet. Over the years, unsustainable fresh water management practices have slowly reduced the amount of available freshwater. This has led to serious droughts in California. Furthermore, it is important to consider the energy resources required to pump, transport, treat, heat, and cool potable water and wastewater. With water supplies expected to continue declining over the coming decades, water conservation strategies have the double benefit of reducing GHG emissions and aligning demand with future water availability.

Why Conserve Water?

Without water conservation practices, the economic and environmental cost of water will increase in years to come. A few dollars saved today could be many dollars saved tomorrow. Water consumption bears several costs - from the actual cost of the resource, to heating it, and disposing of it (sewage). Minimizing water use makes good fiscal sense, especially if you discover easy ways your business can cut back. Simple behavioral changes can save water, or be a leader and install water-efficient appliances and implement Bay-friendly landscaping. See below for tips, resources, and information on water conservation programs and rebates.

What Can You Do?

  • Install low-flow faucets and shower heads to reduce water usage without sacrificing water pressure
  • Water outdoor plants only in the morning and evening, not during the day when the sun’s heat will evaporate much of the water
  • Plant hardy, drought-resistant plants instead of water-intensive landscaping like grass

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