Clean Water

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cm-clean-water-190While most of Union City’s wastewater is efficiently processed by Union Sanitary District, runoff from storm drains flows directly to the Bay via local storm drains and flood control channels. Since the storm drain system is designed for rainwater management needs, the water is not treated. Motor oil, litter, fertilizers and pesticides all become pollutants. It is dangerous and illegal to dump any material into storm drains, so the City does its part to make sure only rainwater flows through them. By maintaining storm drain systems and limiting the materials that flow into drains, we can reduce water pollution to the bay and prevent adverse effects to local wildlife.

The Public Works Department and Environmental Programs Division review storm water pollution prevention plans and monitoring programs, receive and investigate complaints of illicit discharges, and conduct surveys and inspections of facilities which may have illicit connections or discharges.

For more information on how to help with clean water efforts, go to: At Work – Clean Water.