ADA Transition Plan

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Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a Federal legislation designed to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to participate in programs, services and activities available to the general population. Title II is the section of the law that pertains to public agencies. Please see ADA Public Notice which summarizes the City’s obligation under Title II of the ADA.

The City Council adopted the original Transition Plan and a Grievance Procedure to resolve any complaints alleging City’s non-compliance with Title II in 1994. That Plan emphasized accessibility compliance for City facilities such as City Hall, park restrooms, parking lots, and various other City buildings.

In February 2010, City Council approved the 2010 Update to the ADA Transition Plan which documented the progress made to date by inventorying City infrastructure and evaluating any deficiencies that remained that could prevent mobility for persons with disabilities, especially to City facilities, transportation and commercial centers.

This draft 2016 Update to ADA Transition Plan reports on the progress made since the 2010 Update to ADA Transition Plan was approved and outlines the deficiencies that remain and associated funding needs. The current update also outlines the various strategies that the City plans to use in order to gradually achieve greater compliance with the requirements of Title II.

The Public Outreach Notice requests your input or concerns regarding access to various facilities for inclusion in the ADA Transition plan.

Also, on a continuous basis, please notify us of any ADA related deficiencies, hindrances or tripping hazards in the public right of way that you are aware of so that they could be evaluated and addressed.

Public Works Dept. can be reached at (510) 675-5308 to report such locations.