Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Removal/Abatement

If you see "tagging" in progress, do not confront the suspects directly. Instead call UCPD immediately at...

(510) 471-1365

To notify us of graffiti in your neighborhood:
Call (510) 675-5645

Who Removes Graffiti?

You've probably seen him driving around town, towing a long 16-foot trailer. The Graffiti Buster is an employee of the city's Public Works Department. This individual removes graffiti on public property and from private property with a fee if the graffiti is visible from a public space.


How is Graffiti Removed?

When the Graffiti Buster arrives at a site that has been "tagged", he will inspect the damage and determine the proper method for removal. A power-wash unit is used for blasting away spray paint, especially from sidewalks. Inside the long trailer, ten large hoppers are filled with a wide variety of paint colors. If a particular color is missing, no problem. The Graffiti Buster is equipped with a computer unit that allows the matching of colors, producing almost identical colors to the colors found on surfaces in need of repainting.


How much paint is needed to cover graffiti in Union City?

The Graffiti Buster uses 25 to 30 gallons of paint a week to cover up unsightly graffiti.


How can I help?

The key to Union City's award-winning anti-graffiti campaign is a quick response to citizen complaints. The Graffiti Buster tries to remove graffiti within 48 hours.

To report graffiti in your Union City neighborhood, call (510) 675-5645.
If you'd like, please leave contact information so we can notify you of status.