Union City Transit can be easy to use by following these helpful tips to riding the system.

  • Locate your destination on the system map and where you will board the bus. Some stops have multiple routes that will take you to the same destination. Check the time schedule for the route you will be using. You may need to transfer from one line to another to reach your destination.

  • Each route has a departure schedule with time points for several stops along its route. The buses travel through the schedule from the left to the right. The time points in the schedule correspond with the locations on the map. To know when to be at a stop that is between two time points, use the time point before your stop.

  • Read Schedule

  • Arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early. Listed on the sign are the routes that serve the bus stop. Stand near the sign, bench or bus shelter so the driver can easily see you. The driver may not know to stop if you are not clearly visible. For the safety of our passengers, Union City Transit buses only stop at designated bus stops.

  • Make sure the driver sees you as the bus approaches your stop. Before boarding the bus, make sure it is the bus you wish to take by checking the route number located above the windshield. If you are unsure, ask the driver to assist you.

Route 4 IB on Bus
Route 4 OB on Bus

Union Landing is Outbound from BART              BART is Inbound from Union Landing

  • Board the bus through the front doors. Have a valid monthly pass or exact fare ready when you board. Cash must be the exact fare as bus drivers do not carry change. Have your payment ready when you board. Cash goes in the farebox. If you are using a monthly pass, show your pass to the driver.

  • Passengers using a discount fare or pass (seniors & disabled) are required to present acceptable proof of eligibility upon boarding.

  • Passengers using BART-to-Bus transfers may do so only at the Union City BART station. Passengers using an AC Transit or Dumbarton Express transfer voucher may do so at any shared stop with Union City Transit. BART-to-Bus transfers and transfer vouchers must be surrendered to the driver as part of cash fare.

  • If you need to take more than one bus to arrive at your destination, you will need a transfer. Ask your driver for one when you pay your fare. Transfers are valid for one transfer within ninety minutes and may be used for bus travel in any direction. If you are using a monthly pass, you will not need a transfer.

  • After paying your fare, please hold on to the grab rails or straps in order to move to a vacant seat. Please be aware that seniors and persons with disabilities have priority use of the seats directly behind the driver. If all the seats are taken, hold on to the grab rails or straps. If you are using a mobility device, like a wheelchair, the operator must secure it before leaving the stop.

  • About a block before your stop, pull the stop request cord to signal the driver that you want to get off at the next stop. If you are unsure about when to pull the cord to request your stop, tell the operator where you need to go as you board the bus and he/she will stop at the nearest stop for you. Exit through the rear doors. If you have a bike stored in the bike rack, exit from the front and inform the driver that you need to get your bicycle. Hold the door handle as you exit the bus.

  • After you exit, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. For your safety, do not cross in front of the bus and obey all traffic signals.

All Union City Transit buses are wheelchair accessible. It is recommended that wheelchairs have a working brake system.

As a courtesy to riders with mobility limitations, please yield the designated priority seating at the front of each bus to seniors and persons with disabilities.